Frankford Friends School, 1500 Orthodox Street, Philadelphia, PA   Celebrating over 180 Years of Quality, Affordable Quaker Education
Frankford Friends School, 1500 Orthodox Street, Philadelphia, PA

Dear Parents,

Thank you for visiting our website! Despite its long history, since 1833, Frankford Friends School is often called Philadelphia’s best kept secret. We’re small, intimate, affordable and what I think of as the best school for children in Pre K through 8th grade that I know.

This is a school in which everyone truly knows your name, cares deeply about your children, and has only the best interests of your children at heart. Our motto is: Love, Learning and Peace, all crucial ingredients when thinking of how to nurture and educate children to be successful and happy in the world. Our students leave us after eighth grade fully prepared academically for the most selective high schools, both public and private, but also fine young people who take responsibility for their actions and have a true commitment to making their communities safe and inclusive. Our staff and faculty send their children here and are dedicated to drawing out the best in every child and in nurturing that spark that will lead to life-long learning.

Please come see us, meet our teachers and hear from our students. Their love of the school and their excitement about what’s happening are the best testaments to the value of a Frankford Friends School education.

I hope to see you soon!

Penny Colgan-Davis